The Insurrection Series

★★★★★ Five Stars What just happened here? I couldn’t believe how fast I feel in love with Kael and Zyla. The twists and turns, the...

The Dystopia Series

★★★★★ Five Stars I need more! In 3 days I read these four books and could not stop. I need to find out what happens...

The Chaos Series

★★★★★ Five Stars Dee has written something a little different. The story is fiction, it’s a gripping tale but she also weaves in actual, real...

Post-Apocalyptic Books


—Chaos Series—

The world erupted into chaos… Those who struggle to survive it will find no solace in the coming days.

Earthquakes rock the land and ash begins to fall. Two groups seek to emerge from the destruction and find a place to survive.

They thought making it through would offer safety but soon realize there is no safe place.

—Cincinnati Fall Series—

In the blink of an eye it all ended. When Amanda Thomlin finds herself face to face with the reality her world is forever changed.

Eleven days since everything changed! Five miles to their new home… One chance to get it right…

Coming Fall/Winter 2023Two months after the attack that changed their lives forever, Amanda and Jonah are more determined than ever.

—Dystopia Series—

Beginning of the End

The Collapse was the easy part… when their world begins to crumble it is up to Destiny to find a way to survive.

Long Road

September 11th was too quiet. There was an eerie air hung on the day. Who knew it would mean bugging out?


Battered and drowning
Rita finds herself in desperate trouble. Lost and alone, her memory gone.

Dez lay shot – The fate of the farm precarious. A shocking betrayal tears at the very foundation of the group.

More Coming 2024

—Insurrection Series—


A THRILLING TALE OF INTRIGUE IN A TRULY DYSTOPIAN WORLD — Raw and sometimes brutal this story shines with the spirit of rebellion.


EXCITING AND TERRIFYING — Continue this Dystopian Thriller, where the worst humanity has to offer seeks to crush all.


THE THIRD AND FINAL SEGMENT — A story that is full of intrigue, love, deception, and war. The epic ending you never saw coming!

—Shadow Wars Series—


Powerful new Post-Apocalyptic series. Too Real, yet too unbelievable. Written long before anyone thought it could come true.


Book Two in the powerful new Post-Apocalyptic series. If you thought the first one was intense, hold on— this ride is about to go into high gear!


Book Three the final chapter in the powerful Post-Apocalyptic series. If you thought the first two were intense, hold on— this ride is about to go off the charts!

—Nine Meals From Anarchy Series—

Sun’s Fury

The power is out. The question is… For how long. Quick thinking may save them, but death is right at the door. Jim and Ike begin to scavenge supplies as soon as they figure out just how bad the EMP Apocalypse could get.

Terminus State

Dani likes her big city driving job but Mal is a country boy through and through. An unlikely couple find themselves in the middle of chaos when the country goes crazy.

Coming Spring 2024

More in the fascinating novels about the decent into Anarchy after a disaster.

Fractured World

Altered Resonance

The award-winning short story seen in the Fractured World Anthology now available.


Ready, Set, Prepare

Comprehensive preparedness guide to help you organize. With lists and outlines to help with all the aspects of preparedness.


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