• poetry


    The eagle sits atop the tree, surveys the world for all he sees. Watching a land spin out of control, a tear he weeps for the lost souls. The people they look but do not see, the eagle that sits…

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    The doll

    Purple, her dress is so carefully stitched. Look at her porcelain face, hands and feet. While her bonnet, it sat lazily hitched, oh my, such a beauty this doll was she.

  • poetry

    What Happened?

    What happened? I think about you every day Wonder if you think of me. Even though you’re so far away gives me joy for all to see.

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    Poems Elude Me

    Darkness falls over the day, distraught, the sounds they cry out in despair. A cloud descends o’er my eyes this night as I sleep between dark and light.