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Author of the apocalypse DJ Cooper writes.

Angry Eagle Publishing

Are You an Aspiring Author?

DJ works hard to offer others a hand up in the publishing industry. Her company pays some of the highest royalties in the industry. Check it out!

Authors of the Apocalypse

DJ Loves Post Apocalypse and Dystopian Fiction

She created a group for all of the authors of the apocalypse so the readers could find all of their favorites in one place.

Written Apocalypse

DJ Created a Group of Favorite Post Apocalypse Authors

A curated bunch of her favorite authors and links to the Facebook groups they engage the readers in. A great place to meet and hang out with all your favorites.

Authors DJ Cooper Likes

Post apocalypse authors Fiction

D. Stalter

Amazing author and great friend Check her out.

N.A. Broadley

Between her and Peckerhead I'm not sure who is funnier.