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Articles and Poetry

The eagle sits atop the tree, surveys the world for all he sees. Watching a land spin out of control, a tear he …
Rest in Peace Red, White, & Blue
The view of Party’s pander, to see the zoo first hand. Makes pause to sit and wonder, The time has come to stand.
The doll
Purple, her dress is so carefully stitched. Look at her porcelain face, hands and feet. While her bonnet, it sat lazily hitched, oh …
I Like It On My Desk
My purse of course… Does anyone remember the Facebook statuses that prompted women to put simply the color of their bra for their …
How Eyewear Opened My Eyes
As you can tell from my photos I wear glasses. Getting glasses can be a real struggle. So, not only do I want …
Orkut (No Catchy Title Here)
This was Orcut, originally put out there by Google after Friendster wouldn’t sell to them, (probably should have — oh well, hindsight and …
Where’s your Eggs?
Have you ever heard the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”
Perplexin’ with this Wiexin
To understand what this app is doing that we should do if we want to better utilize social media to reach fans and …
I Have to do Marketing?
But… I just want to write. One of the most difficult things about being an an indie author is the marketing. We must …
Dystopia: Beginning of the End
hough she really wanted to sleep in, trying to remain in a foul mood just seemed pointless after the wonderful evening they’d had …
Who is Destiny Walters?
Who is the main character in the Dystopia Books? In general she is a strong woman, a mother, a leader, and someone who …
What Happened?
What happened? I think about you every day Wonder if you think of me. Even though you’re so far away gives me joy …
The Indie Author
Writing in the indie world is an uphill climb. Many excellent writers, glorious storytellers with magical mysteries flowing onto pages, are never seen. …
Book Release —Deception
How does this book speak to the things of today? When we are staring down the road and see that we are now …
Poems Elude Me
Darkness falls over the day, distraught, the sounds they cry out in despair. A cloud descends o’er my eyes this night as I …

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Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Author
Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Author

Writer of Post Apocalyptic books, Author DJ Cooper teases with tales of the END!

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