About the author of the apocalypse

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DJ Cooper is a prominent author of the apocalypse with the Dystopia series, Nine Meals from Anarchy, and other short works. Currently, a student at Southern New  Hampshire University to advance her Bachelor’s Degree she is now studying for her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Marketing

A writer of humor, research articles, and commentaries for her blog "DJ Cooper Writes"  She also writes informative articles for magazines such as The Odyssey  Prepper Survival guide, and Prepare Magazine. Her books are  post apocalypse fiction, focusing on real life scenarios and offering  prepper information both within its pages and as a resource.
She currently lives in New England but worked in and around the  Cincinnati, Ohio area flipping houses. During that time she spent much  of it in the areas of Kentucky she writes about in the Dystopia books,  offering a first hand view into her locations.
It’s been more than a couple of years that she’s been known as an  internet radio host of Surviving Dystopia and The Written Apocalypse and the executive producer of the Prepper Podcast  Radio Network KPRN-DB.

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