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Book Release —Deception

I am  super excited with the new release! This has been a labor of love that has taken so much for both of us to write.

Check out Deception Book One in the Insurrection Trilogy TODAY!

How does this book speak to the things of today? When we are staring down the road and see that we are now forbidden to go outside, stores are closed, and friends and family cant have holidays it feels just a little dystopian. While it is true that at the very least flu deaths have decreased simply from the distancing, everything feels so disconnected.


Has anyone gone to the store lately? It feels just a little post apocalyptic. Shelves are empty and tings that were plentiful even in the rush are now disappearing. Are we headed for a world like the one depicted in the picture?

What are you doing to adapt to what they are calling the new normal? Should this feel normal?

At the store this past week I felt as though I were in an episode for a post-apocalyptic show and wandering in search of the tid bits of what was left.

I found that as a prepper and someone who can cook something out of just about anything that’s out there I was reminded of leaner days and my Uncle Roger. In the cabinet were bits of that and cans of this, not much to make a meal from. But leave it to him to decide to cook something fantastic from what I’d thought was not enough for meals.

He began by grabbing whatever he thought might go into this delight of a stew. his label for it was… Drum roll please…. Welfare Stew.

Of course it is likely a term that someone would have issue with but my kids think of the dish with watering mouths and fond memories. Here is how it’s made!

Open cans of whatever meat you may have (I prefer the canned ham…like tuna only ham). Break it up and toss it into the pot JUICE AND ALL. Next you add cans of whatever vegetables you have, it is nice to have at least three kinds again, juice and all. Well now we need some starch so either rice or potatoes (I like to precook these but it is not entirely necessary). Simmer with a little spice w(whatever you like) he used cajun spice.

Thinking back to this and days gone by I loved to hear stories about the depression from my grandmother who of course came around in the latter parts of it but nonetheless felt the sting. Many things were normal then like canning and meal planning from the things that were available.

Do you have a recipe that we would like?  We are looking for them to create a cookbook contact, to see how yours can be included.

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