Well… actually it is pronounced (way-shin), but what is it about this app that is so appealing and what can we learn from it?


To understand what this app is doing that we should do if we want to better utilize social media to reach fans and others; we must first look at what they’re doing.

They strive to understand their audience. Wait… what? They want to know their audience? Yes, they do… Not only that, they try to accommodate them so they never need to leave the app to find whatever it is they’re trying to do. They introduce new functions or campaigns to try and satisfy their audience. One example is the red envelope campaign, in this users can send virtual money (PayPal or Venmo only inside the app) Can you see where I am going with this? If you’re thinking that I am considering this a great way for you to pay me for all this great content…


That would be cool (just send some bucks to my PayPal), but no. Where I am going is with understanding your audience and keeping them firmly planted within your network. Weixin has done this by integrating all the things users want to do right on their interface, but how can we emulate this?


Being the queen of the world in some not so inconsequential post-apocalyptic author and readers groups on Facebook offers insights to this question. One of the things I say to the minions “ENGAGE!” Talk to them, introduce them to the weirdness that creates the books they love to read. This, in essence, is doing the same thing only in a smaller platform. Creating content that the readers want to see that keep them from wandering off and cheating on us, (ahem, I mean visiting other reader groups). about:blank Report this ad

Applying this model to other social media formats is not difficult. While Wiexin seems to have the market cornered on the “all-inclusive, can’t miss, do everything for everyone and pay the bills at the same time while ordering food and a taxi” app; we can strive to be that on a smaller scale.


How can we be the “all-inclusive, can’t miss, do everything for the readers of the apocalypse, and write books while at the same time trying not to look fake to them kind of author?”

  • Content is king, remember that while Wiexin IS trying to sell everything to everyone that you simply want your followers to understand you.
    • Offer tiny glimpses into your world, or scarier yet, your mind
    • Host a game or contest
    • Ask for opinions on anything — from the ability of the Mowgli like creatures to overtake Luke Skywalker and become the preeminent ninja Jedi warriors in the galaxy to why does a clock go clockwise? What if it went the other way? Who decided this and let’s revolt.
  • Be everything, in so far as what the audience hopes to see with your interaction (like don’t be a real zombie, perhaps just dress up like one for Halloween and post pics).
    • Offer ideas on how to connect
    • Where the reader can find you at a signing. Especially if it is an Authors of the Apocalypse event (shameless plug inserted).
  • Be part of the audience’s daily routine. Make a regular post each day that is both interesting and engaging. Like my good friend N.A. Broadley (another of those shameless moments, I just can’t help myself), who posts each day in the group and on her page about a stupid rooster named Peckerhead!
    • Take five munites to ask a question that they look forward to seeing each day. Easy ones like “do cannibals like broccoli with that leg of human?” would surely elicit some great responses!

Bottom line is that one key point that many miss the mark on is that tailoring your social media marketing campaign to your audience’s needs, mood, and interests is a must and keep it simple and easy to use.

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is a prominent author of the apocalypse with the Dystopia series, Insurrection Series, Nine Meals from Anarchy, and other short works.

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