About Apocalypse Author DJ Cooper

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DJ Cooper is the Bestselling author of the apocalypse.

Post-apocalyptic and disaster fiction is her favorite kind. She also writes nonfiction prepper books and articles for her preparedness teams at Thrive Self-Reliance Initiative.

It all started with the Dystopia series of books she released in late 2014. A strong desire to learn more led her back to school in hopes of gaining more perspective on the craft and the industry.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Master of Science in Marketing, and is currently, a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying for her Master of Fine Arts in English/Creative Writing with a concentration in teaching.

She studied Graphic Design and designed book covers as well through Dauntless Cover Design.

DJ’s favorite apocalyptic reads are The Road, Alas Babylon, & the dystopian series Hunger Games. As an Apocalypse author, she hopes to find herself among these favorites for others.



One Day I dared to live what I’d dreamed of for years!

I raised my kids, and wonderful they are, I wouldn’t trade one second of it.  I worked a lifetime it seemed, to always just get by.  I had dreams, but I also had responsibilities. The writer in me had to wait; I delivered newspapers and pizza, worked in an office and in retail, did construction, and drove a school bus; better yet, a Limo and even a truck to take care of these responsibilities.

I always loved to write things,  I wrote anything that caught my interest.  Short stories, funny anecdotes, poetry.  I wrote to the editor of the local newspaper and loved to see my name at the end of my letter.

I dreamed of writing a book one day. And not just any book… A post-apocalyptic one that had danced in my mind. One day during some of my trucking downtime, I sat down at the computer and began to type.  I had no idea where my musings would take me, I had not planned to write the book but simply started to write a story.  In less than a month my first book appeared for sale on Amazon

And proud I was! Once it was out there I re-read it and said to myself—Self… “Who the hell wrote this?” I found that there were some mistakes, and it seemed like I lacked some of the structure and grammatical skills I needed.  After months of agonizing over it.  Doing edit after edit it is finally getting ready for a  Re-re-re-release and it seems pretty good. Now with book numbers two, three, and four available, and book five is still not out of the question. I write still books, blog posts, and short stories along with other words in various stages of writing and planning.  

Emerging as a prominent author of the apocalypse and helping fellow authors, my life is immersed in the indie world and I am not only loving the story but the journey as well.

Working on my own blog now and freelancing for others, has given me the time to chase yet another dream.  This one to compliment the other, having just completed my BA in Creative Writing, graduating Magna Cum Laude, the Masters in Marketing, Suma Cum Laude. Now I am studying for a Master of Fine Arts. When people ask if I have any advice for them in their writing endeavors, I tell them—


I have never been happier with myself. Find all my other stuff.

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