Nine Meals from Anarchy

★★★★★ Five Stars
Dee has written something a little different. The story is fiction, it’s a gripping tale but she also weaves in actual, real life ideas about prepping. It doesn’t read like a textbook. In the back are loads of references for further study. It reminds me a little of James Wesley Rawles TEOTWAWKI book from the 90’s but better. — David Simpson Author of Zombie Road

The Insurrection Series

★★★★★ Five Stars
What just happened here? I couldn’t believe how fast I feel in love with Kael and Zyla. The twists and turns, the additional information as these kids grew to learn more about the devastating dystopian future around them… I was hooked from the beginning. And now I HAVE to read the next one to see just how deep into the insurrection this series goes! – Amazon Review

Dystopia by DJ Cooper

★★★★★ Five Stars
This book started off a bit slowly for me. Ho Hum, another book about a pandemic. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Once things got going it was nonstop action, suspense, love and heartbreak all the way to the “Oh crap!” at the end of Book 4. DJ Cooper is one of those authors that makes me want to devour everything they write. — Amazon Reviewer

Book Release —Deception

How does this book speak to the things of today? When we are staring down the road and see that we are now forbidden to go outside, stores are closed, and friends and family cant have holidays it feels just a little dystopian. While it is true that at the very least flu deaths have decreased simply from the distancing, everything feels so disconnected.