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Where’s your Eggs?

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?”


Well I’m here to tell ya’ there is truth in them words.

This past week has been a bit hectic. Let’s forget for a moment we are all cooped up like caged animals [pretty sure my animal is a chicken], all of us going stir crazy lurking about the internet and social media like it is our only connection to the outside world.School has just been finishing up for me and I finally got everything done with that. It’s also no secret that I write. This here batch of chicken scratches on the page might give that away. Now comes the story… You knew there had to be one right?


My day begins like any other… I wake up. Ahem, I mean….

Bored out of my mind and scratching at the floor for the thing I was sure I saw move got old, so I decided to hop on the ole’ cell phone and begin to surf the social landscape to regain a little bit of my sanity. “Oh wait!” said I. [yes, I’ve begun to talk to myself]. “I should do a little book promo while I am here.”

I begin the task of pimping my books like Guido the pimp to any passerby I can find and whammo! It happened

“We need you to verify your account.”

Wait? What? Why? I’ve had this Facebook account for more years than the app for the phone existed. Never mind that… Yes, there was once Facebook only on the computer. But, back to my story and I swear it has something to do with eggs. I jump through the hoops and send probably the worst picture I’ve ever taken, please tell me others are wandering about in disarray because we are stuffed into these little boxes we call houses with no reason to even COMB OUR HAIR.  Oh, sorry… Anyway, I supply the Facebook CIA with my very awkward photo, phone number and respond with the text code they send me and… about:blank Report this ad


Just like that… I never existed!

I said I would tell you about eggs and so I shall. I am going to say at least 85% of all the reaching out, communicating, interacting and pimping of books I do is on that platform and suddenly nearly my entire audience was gone.

Eggs — I’d broken the carnal rule and put all them dang eggs in the same basket.

I will set your mind at ease now and say that they found me and I do exist! However, while I can do some things, this Guido book pimper is out of commission for the moment because it is limited in what I can do. It made me realize the wisdom in this old saying.

We get so caught up in these apps, oh they are so nice and easy to get sucked into; don’t even get me started on Tik Tok. I’m pretty sure there is some kind of mind control going on with that app.

Ok I gotta do it, how many have you seen the videos with “you can really dance” or “men don’t like nostrils?” Worse yet, how many sang it and then made a sound like a pterodactyl in their heads. Rest assured we will come back to that.

The eggs in the basket is what brings me here today. Thoughts of how I’d learned to leverage other avenues in my marketing mix that would pick up if one failed. Also, I am not sure the whole Guido thing works anyway but it is better than chasing lady bugs around the house. What else can we incorporate into our mix to diversify our marketing strategy one  might ask. Well I am here to offer a short list of things that I’m considering tossing myself into the ring with. I do have all the appropriate social accounts but I’m not using them effectively so here it comes the dreaded list!

Social Media

  1. Facebook — There is the profile but also the business page (mistake fix 1: Make someone else an admin in all your Facebook holdings, just in case).
  2. Instagram — Owned by Facebook it is a photo sharing platform, don’t forget to use #hashtags.
  3. Twitter — This little gem does not penalize you for being a Guido book pimper, in fact it is recommended you toss it out a few times in a day to be sure the audience sees it on this fast moving feed. Again, the #hashtags help here.
  4. LinkedIn — More of a business atmosphere, but hey they are probably chasing lady bugs too and could use a book to read but don’t get too spammy here. This is one where you want to put your pro-face on and brush your hair. You might find some good B2B type contacts here.
  5. Pinterest — Here you pin things to boards and others can see them. I am not good at this but it, like Tik Tok is like a vacuum and once I fall in I struggle to escape.
  6. YouTube — Speaks for itself. Video aficionados come forth.
  7. Then there are others —Snapchat, Tik Tok, Mewe, Tumblr, Reddit to name a few

So, lesson 1? Diversify.


Two words … Post Scheduling

I was introduced to Hootsuite and while I knew what it was, I wasn’t using it properly. This is the holy grail of social media marketing. Spend an hour or so outlining all the posts and setting them up for the week and walk away. Spend time writing blogs about eggs and lady bugs!

Another way to reach your audience is through E-mails, the consistent and relevant email is always welcome as long as it doesn’t hit their in boxes six times per day, weekly, biweekly, or monthly would be welcome. I get emails from others and yawn while scrolling to the bottom. Give the recipient a reason to open it. Is your business a bakery? Toss in a  recipe. Capitalize on your own niche and “work it baby …work it.” (Totally stolen from Pretty Woman).

I own Prepper Podcast so I capitalize on that not only with the email list [tips and tricks] but also in that I am on the air and can plug the books. As with YouTube a podcast is great and best part is you don’t even have to brush your hair.

I’ve rambled on enough for the moment, but I think the best take away is not only diversify in your approach to marketing your product but to create a schedule of posts, emails, and other non-social medias.

Before you go…TikTok, this platform has a way of mesmerizing people figuring out how to make short videos that are entertaining and relevant is my next quest. Check back to see if I emerged victorious, if at all.

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