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    The eagle sits atop the tree, surveys the world for all he sees. Watching a land spin out of control, a tear he weeps for the lost souls. The people they look but do not see, the eagle that sits…

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    I Like It On My Desk

    My purse of course… Does anyone remember the Facebook statuses that prompted women to put simply the color of their bra for their status, or the “I like it…” followed by the location of your purse?

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    How Eyewear Opened My Eyes

    As you can tell from my photos I wear glasses. Getting glasses can be a real struggle. So, not only do I want to tell you about the glasses and how to procure a pair of these super amazing glasses…

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    Orkut (No Catchy Title Here)

    This was Orcut, originally put out there by Google after Friendster wouldn’t sell to them, (probably should have — oh well, hindsight and all). It emerged about a year before Facebook. Looks kinda similar, doesn’t it? It had an interesting…

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    I Have to do Marketing?

    But… I just want to write. One of the most difficult things about being an an indie author is the marketing. We must spend time to get the word out about these magnificent works of ours, and to do so…

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    Dystopia: Beginning of the End

    hough she really wanted to sleep in, trying to remain in a foul mood just seemed pointless after the wonderful evening they’d had the night before. She stood filling the coffee maker, not really paying attention to it, going through…

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    Who is Destiny Walters?

    Who is the main character in the Dystopia Books? In general she is a strong woman, a mother, a leader, and someone who cares deeply for those she finds in her group. Destiny or “Dez” as she is called in…