Character Sketch

Destiny Walters

Who is the main character in the Dystopia Books? In general she is a strong woman, a mother, a leader, and someone who cares deeply for those she finds in her group. Destiny or “Dez” as she is called in the book has a few quirks too, so let’s have a look at her world.

Dez is a nickname provided by her best friend’s son Dylan. Unable to say Destiny he called her Deziny, which was eventually shortened to Dez.

She is not tall at merely 5 feet 5 inches and about 135 pounds but can handle her own.

She has long dark hair and honey colored eyes and is near 50 years old in the first book.

She has two children, Charleigh who is married to Connor with a young daughter Ariel whom Destiny adores. And a son Jeremy who is married to Toni. Destiny trusts and relies on Jeremy for much advise and help. He is her oldest and beloved above all sons  that ever could be.

Destiny can shoot, and shoot well, she gardens and can preserve the bounty; although she is too trusting as a twist in the later books will reveal. She’s a writer, alot like the author of the book, and has made a simple life for herself finding herself quite comfortable.

With a little attitude and alot of spunk she carries the group to her land in southeastern Kentucky where she builds a community to get through the Dark Days of the Reset.

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