What Happened?

What happened?

I think about you every day
Wonder if you think of me.
Even though you’re so far away
gives me joy for all to see.

I know our lives they differ much,
yet they feel indeed the same.
In every day I crave your touch,
Still, I fear it’s just a game.

The players in this wheel roulette
cannot see the frail in me.
all the cards on the table bet
Heartache stands, my fate shall be.

so when you deal with a heart’s song
remember how it can ache.
a game will soon make that love gone,
in real life, it’s what’s at stake.

Our paths are cast in times of love,
to walk through fire, pain, and fear.
To find the one who’ll rise above
brings our hearts a joyful tear.

Remember this my soul’s good friend,
don’t play games, there’s too much cost
a heart in pain soon will mend,
but by then it’s you who’s lost.

for many see what you have done,
a heart’s broken in the end.
So you say it was all in fun,
then don’t fret what karma sends.

so in these words, a lesson looms,
remember when you break trust.
A love that may have let you bloom,
will now be made of only rust.

Do not be sad for I will heal,
it is you who is so cold.
And while today you cannot feel,
What you lost? Worth more than gold.

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is a prominent author of the apocalypse with the Dystopia series, Insurrection Series, Nine Meals from Anarchy, and other short works.

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