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I Have to do Marketing?

But… I just want to write.

One of the most difficult things about being an an indie author is the marketing. We must spend time to get the word out about these magnificent works of ours, and to do so takes time. But who has time for that when our characters are in peril, and fans await the next book?

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What to consider
  • Website presence
  • Social media
    • Which social media?
  • Running ads
    • Where to run ads?
  • Appearances
    • But… I’m a writer, our very nature is to be introverts.
  • E-mails and reader communications.

There are actually many things to consider, so much so that if we only knew back when… right? One key that I’ve learned is to align with other writers, possibly ones that know more than me so I can learn. I write post apocalypse and am after all the author of the apocalypse, right? So, I did just that and together we help one another on the Written Apocalypse a group that works together to help all of us attain more. I met with others who also had groups and we gathered together to create a larger pool of information.

Many will say run ads, while others will say no need. We each need to determine what is best for our own needs and if the ROI isn’t there then it is just money spent.

Figuring out the best graphics, who to target, who your market is (that means who likes your books) and finding a way to put your book in front of them is far harder than it seems. I’ll make this short and just say keep writing and keep sharing. The rest will come in time!

Head over to my website and check out what’s new over there. (see how I just told you to go look at my stuff? I am learning too.)

DJ Cooper
DJ Cooper

DJ Cooper is a prominent author of the apocalypse with the Dystopia series, Insurrection Series, Nine Meals from Anarchy, and other short works.

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